What are the steps?

Contact us directly, by any of the methods shown on this site. Our first task will be to phone you to discuss the narrative of your case. This telephone discussion offers the chance for us to get to know your requirements. In most cases, by questioning and the sourcing of further information we will be able to ascertain your requirements and quickly provide you details and options from our range of experts. Sometimes this selection is simple but at other times the matter at hand is complicated. Irrespective of complexity, we will use a range of resources, such as teleconferencing and/or meetings to ensure that you are connected to the most suitable expert for your case.

Are Expert Witnesses expensive?

All of our expert witnesses are professionals in their field. While the fees charged vary, they reflect the general rates applicable to the professions of the particular witnesses. In some cases, where the nature of the case warrants consideration on a purely economic basis, fees are flexible. This flexibility has no impact on our commitment to a high standard of service.

We remain one of the more competitive agencies, in terms of pricing. This is coupled with the confidence that you have engaged the key expert for your matter.