Introducing Nationwide Experts

Experts In Sourcing Experts

A NICHE SERVICE. The legal equivalent of a match making service, where legal professionals in need come together with professionals from a variety of fields who can provide them with expert advice.

Having successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1990, Morgana worked on international, academic and consulting projects. Some of these required the provision of expert witnesses to the legal profession. The task of sourcing the right expert for the case was far more difficult than expected so a partnering idea was born.

In 2001 Morgana perceived that, while parts of this matchmaking game were available, a full range service was not easily accessible. This perception led to Nationwide Experts and from the time of establishment until now, and into the future, we provide the depth of knowledge and experience required for the provision of independent experts and independent expert opinion to the legal profession. This service both respects and honours the experiences of our clients and our experts.

Morgana is well known as being able to locate obscure experts for complex cases and commission hearings.

Nationwide Experts has been an Annual Sponsor of the NSW Claims Discussion Group Inc. since 2009.

During this time we have been pleased to be involved with bringing topics of conversation to people and organisations who work within the broad church known as the claims industry.

Nationwide Experts became involved because we agreed with the proposal to offer a forum founded on integrity, education and cooperation.  Such a forum can only be offered genuinely and without obligation or charge.

People attend regular discussions to connect, learn from each other and to form relationships.

It is because of these principles that Nationwide Experts has been very pleased to play a small part by way of our annual sponsorship.

We look forward to the next 10 years.

The Service

Our client base covers the breadth of the legal profession, irrespective of their speciality or range of activity. Everyone from briefing solicitors, to barristers and, under special circumstances, members of the judiciary.

In all cases, Nationwide Experts works with the client to identify the prerequisite skill set required and identifies, locates and engages the most suitable independent expert witnesses.

Our experts are objective and carefully selected for each appointment to ensure that an expert witness meets your expectations. Each expert has an outstanding professional record and all enjoy excellent relationships with Nationwide Experts and our clients

We can also supply experts to provide knowledge, opinion and assistance on unlitigated matters. Over the years we have provided experts to assist in the development of white papers for tribunal and commission hearings.