What people say

Morgana takes the time to understand precisely what particular issue/matter we require expert opinion about, and often speaks with the experts about their specific expertise on an issue if the matter is complicated, before nominating them as a potential expert in the matter.

If you need to go through a service provider to source an expert for you, make sure that that person is knowledgeable in terms of the different kinds of available experts and has a basic understanding of the difference in expertise between those various experts. That person also needs to be prepared to make enquiries with the experts about the differences if they are unsure in a particular matter.

I have dealt with Morgana for a number of years.   She has provided great assistance in sourcing suitable experts, particularly experts best suited to report on unusual or technical subject matter. As well as being professional and a good communicator, she has been a pleasure to deal with.

Joanne Scott
James Tuite & Associates Lawyers

I have known Morgana Harris for over 10 years in both a business & personal capacity.  My firm has engaged Nationwide Experts on numerous occasions to source experts in a particular field and Morgana, as its principal, has been ever professional, knowledgeable, provided timely communications and was able to find appropriate expert for each of our clients’ differing requirements.  I have no hesitation in recommending both Nationwide Experts and Morgana to any prospective client.

Anthony Dunstan
AC Dunstan Lawyers

The key highlight of engaging with Morgana Harris and Nationwide Experts is that Morgana has the ability to contact a wide variety of experts that I wouldn’t know how to find or get in touch with and to link us with the right people.
Morgana provides a good service.  She takes the trouble of finding good experts off my plate and this saves me time, money and worry.  I have found Nationwide Experts to be entirely trust worthy, effective and cost efficient.

Karl Adra
Underwriter – Financial Lines
Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

I would strongly recommend Nationwide Experts. Morgana Harris is so helpful and has managed to find a highly qualified expert in every field that I’ve ever needed – including one unusual matter that required a forensic podiatrist!

Emma Schlachter
Blaxland Mawson & Rose Solicitors, Cooma

In litigated professional negligence, product liability and construction/property related matters, strategy and outcomes often hinge on expert opinion. The first challenge is to find appropriate expert witnesses to address what are often novel issues. The next challenge is to isolate the particular expert best suited for the matter. The final challenge is to get the expert to produce a properly structured report (without typo’s) that reads easily and to get the expert to do so within what is usually a strict time frame. For these reasons, I rely heavily on Morgana and have done so for the last 7 years. She has helped solve what at times appeared to be intractable problems. She is genuinely interested in the issues and is always prepared to make time available. In the end it is the product that is produced that matters and I have never been disappointed. I cannot recommend Nationwide Experts highly enough.

Charles Thornley,
Lander & Rogers Lawyers

Morgana Harris has a unique ability to understand the issues involved in a dispute and locate an expert who is truly a leader in their field of endeavour.  My favourite example of Morgana’s skill in this regard is a claim in which I needed an expert metallurgist.  After considering the issues in dispute and the opinion obtained on behalf of my opponent from a very well credentialed metallurgist,  Morgana found for me an expert who was superior to that retained on behalf of my opponent.  Morgana in fact located for me my opponent’s metallurgy instructor from University.  The expert located by Morgana prepared an excellent report which comprehensively dismissed each and every theory advanced on behalf of my opponent’s expert such that my opponent’s client withdrew his claim resulting in an excellent outcome for my client.

Sean O’Connor
Wotton + Kearney Lawyers